The Beautiful Deaths of “Dragonstone” and “Stormborn” — Making Game of Thrones

By | 28th July 2017

The deaths of Game of Thrones are memorable, conversation-starters and, frequently, game-changers. For seven seasons, artist Robert Ball has captured these moments with his particular style and design. Below are his thoughts and pieces for “Dragonstone” and “Stormborn.”


“After watching the episode, I just had a simple, visual thought — a river of blood,” shares Ball. “I wanted to show that Arya’s poisoning of the Frey family could have far-reaching consequences; The Twins, the towers from which Walder Frey controlled the river, have massive strategic value in Westeros.”

Ball explains his color choices, “were about getting from the browns of Walder’s house, through blood red wine, to the frosty blue at the foot of the image. A late thought was to have some of the goblets spilled over on the ice, to break up the space and show that the river is icing over. They also should distract from the reflection of Arya as a white wolf — the hope is that you see that last.”

When asked if there were any ideas he had scrapped, Ball reveals his other thoughts: “a discarded goblet tipped over on a map of Westeros, with a river of blood/wine flowing towards King’s Landing. I also tried a version of what I imagined the scene would look like in the future with the corpses of House Frey frozen in eternal Winter.”

See the final poster and some of Ball’s drafts in the slideshow below:

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