See What Season 7 Moments Had the Cast Freaking Out — Making Game of Thrones

By | 7th September 2017

Jerome Flynn, the actor potraying sellsword Bronn, agreed, “I really enjoyed Sansa and Arya reuniting; I allowed it all to surprise me. There’s a wonderful richness about this season, these characters coming together. I found that most moving.” (He was also quite psyched about verbally sparring again with Tyrion.)

Samwell Tarly actor, John Bradley, also picked the Stark sister reunion: “Knowing the journey they’ve both been on, it’s interesting to see how it will affect, not only them as individuals, but their bond as sisters.” He continued, “Every time their journey took a little diversion, and every success and every trauma they’ve undergone, I was so hoping they would come face-to-face again, and hopefully, despite all the hardships, they’d be that family unit. But their lives aren’t simple anymore. It’s interesting to see that dynamic. When they’re together on screen, they’re so magical. I’m very happy to see it again.”

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